Dealing with Doubt – by Borrowing Faith

From the archives of The Encourager, vol. 8 No:2, Spring 2002

by Kim Jones
Most of my friends are well into their “presbyopia years” when our eyes need assistance to focus on small things like printed text, jewelry clasps, and price tags. We adjust by carrying reading glasses with us everywhere. Inevitably though (perhaps because our memory is also a bit out of focus), someone in the “presbyopia crowd” can’t find his or her glasses and needs to borrow a pair in order to see clearly.

When we go through a period of suffering, doubt can loom bigger than life, causing us to lose our focus on God, causing our faith to waver. It is during those times that we may need to “borrow” the faith of others to help us see clearly. For example, when my best friend was battling brain cancer, I could always tell when her faith was being shaken. I could hear it in her voice or see it in her worried expression. She was too weak and weary to focus on God, to stand firm in her faith, without help.

During those times, I would let her “borrow” my faith. I shared my eyes, eyes that were not clouded by tears, eyes that could still see a larger perspective, so that she could see God more clearly. I shared my heart, a heart not so badly bruised and battered by unanswered questions and broken dreams, so that she could feel God’s presence near her. I shared my memory, a memory not altered by powerful winds of change, so that she could recall God’s faithfulness. By sharing my faith, I could help my friend refocus her perspective and find peace.”