Dealing with Doubt – God Made Visible

From the archives of The Encourager, vol. 8 No:2, Spring 2002

by Outreach Of Hope
When we need God’s comfort and encouragement, most of us want it in a big way. We secretly long for a burning bush” experience to erase all doubts of God’s existence and to prove His involvement in our lives. But most of the time, God conveys His love through far more approachable means-through the gentle touch of a human hand or the familiar sound of a friend’s voice.

Fallible as we are, God often uses human couriers to make His presence known. During his battle with cancer, Dave Dravecky learned to recognize God’s love and care being expressed to him in human form. In When You Can’t Come Back, Dave writes:

At times in the wilderness, God seemed to be distant, if not absent altogether. But just when our mouths were parched and Jan and I felt we would die of thirst, God provided a well in the wilderness, Dr. McGowen. Just when we were completely disoriented, He provided a sign pointing the way, Dr. Townsend. Just when it looked as if every trace of Him had vanished, He provided a flower-Sealy Yates. Just when it felt as if I were going to die from sunstroke, He provided shade-Atlee Hammaker. Through them we learned that God was not absent in the wilderness. He was there. We saw Him. In the caring eyes of a family doctor. In the sympathetic voice of a psychologist. In the helping hands of a friend. In the comfortable presence of a fellow ballplayer. In the arms of a loving church.
So when we question where God is in the midst of our suffering, when we begin to doubt His love and concern, we need look no farther than the hands of those who have fed, encouraged, and comforted us to see that He has been there all along.”