Dealing with Doubt – The Fingerprints of God

From the archives of The Encourager, vol. 8 No:2, Spring 2002

by Ross, Brand, Yancey
When our faith is shaken to the core, when we question God’s very existence, we hunger for tangible evidence of our invisible God. Although the dark passages of our lives may dim our view, we literally are surrounded by a world full of visible signs of God. Even a cursory look at creation reveals evidence of God’s fingerprints in every glance. Feast your eyes on these fingerprints”-visible reminders of what God has created by His own hand.

- A universe that encompasses about a trillion galaxies, each one averaging a hundred billion stars.

- Our own star, the sun, that has a mass or weight of 2 billion, billion, billion tons.
- The planet earth that is perfectly designed for our existence. If the earth varied in distance from the sun by as little as 2%, life on earth would cease.

- The moon that lights our night sky and, because of it’s gravitational force, creates tides that cleanse our oceans and stabilizes the earth’s axis, preventing extreme and deadly climactic changes.

- An amazingly unique animal kingdom that includes the 7-ton elephant and the 95-ton blue whale, the 35-foot-long python, the cheetah that can run at 65 mph and the sailfish that can swim at 69 mph, the sandpiper bird that migrates 11,800 miles, the 343-pound ostrich and the tiny hummingbird whose heart can beat at an astounding 1,260 beats per minute.

- A plant kingdom of more than 300,000 different species-some that produce flowers 35 inches across, some that live only two weeks, and some that are nearly 5,000 years old.

- The human body, comprising one hundred trillion cells most of which are too small for the human eye to see without magnification.

- The 130,000,000 receptor cells of the human eye that instantly tell us about the world around us.

- DNA, the chemical instruction book of all living cells. If the instructions in just one DNA molecule in one human cell were written out, they would fill a thousand, six-hundred-page books.

- Human DNA that is so complex that if the DNA from just one human being were unwound and joined together end to end, it would stretch from the earth to the sun and back again more than four hundred times.

- Human bone marrow, hidden in the long bones of the body, that turns out a trillion new cells each day.

- Sixty thousand miles of blood vessels within the average-sized human that link every living cell. Within those vessels, blood cells travel at remarkable speeds. A round-trip journey from heart to toe and back again, including a brief stop in the lungs to refuel, normally takes a red blood cell only twenty seconds.

- Human nerves that are so fine that a hair-width bundle of them contains 100,000 separate wires.

- The human brain, weighing in at only three pounds, is packed with ten billion nerve cells, each with up to ten thousand private lines of communication. The brain’s total number of connections rivals the numbers of stars and galaxies in the universe. In addition, the chemistry of the brain works so marvelously that five trillion chemical operations occur within the brain in any given second.

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