Hope for Depression

My journey into the valley of panic attacks, anxiety, and depression…
…was not one I had planned. I had never known anyone who had experienced something like this, and as a committed Christian, I didn’t understand how this could be happening to me. Guilt engulfed me. I felt alone, confused, and scared. I needed a lifeline. I needed to be shown the way up and out. God did throw me that lifeline. Teaching me to let go, molding and shaping me with His truth, He brought healing into my life. The priceless truths that were a lifeline to me in my depression are shared throughout this website and in many of our publications and books – all for you, to provide you with the same lifeline. My prayer is that you’ll find the truths you need so that you can experience God’s healing too.

By God’s Grace,
Jan Dravecky

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