Provision Packages

Provision Packages contain customized selections of faith-based books that offer a message of hope for the journey.

To order a Provision Package for a loved one, or someone who has experienced— or who is currently experiencing a serious illness, loss or depression, please fill out the information below:

Important Information: At this time, we are unable to send Provision Packages to P.O. Boxes. Endurance resources are available in English and may be purchased for personal, educational or religious use; all proceeds benefit Endurance. We currently ship materials to addresses within the U.S.  Due to the high number of requests, your order may take up to two weeks to process.

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…When I received "the box" I honestly looked at it and because of my bitterness and sense of helplessness, I actually laughed thinking, "there is absolutely nothing in that box that can stop cancer or help me help the people I love." Well, I now realize that I couldn't have been more wrong. No, there is nothing in "the box" that can stop cancer but when I opened it that night and began to read through the Encouragement Bible and Do Not Lose Heart, I realized that what was in "the box" represented everything that can't be stopped by cancer. Cancer can't stop faith, love, caring, understanding, friendship, compassion and God's role in helping individuals and their loved ones live with this disease.

Not only have you opened my mind but you have opened my heart and set me on the right path where I now feel I can truly offer something to those who are suffering so deeply. I want to thank you for sending me "the box" and I will continue to read over (and share) your encouraging words and promise to work harder at being a stronger person by encouraging my loved ones to not lose faith and to not lose heart. You have re-instilled a sense of hope and faith in me by giving me direction and for that I cannot thank you enough.