Schedule / Events

Jan and Dave Dravecky speak nationwide on a diverse number of audiences and topics. Although some of Jan and Dave’s speaking events are private, a full list of public and Endurance events are listed in the schedule below.

At this time, Endurance does not have complete ticket or availability information listed for every event. Please contact venues directly for in-depth ticket or availability details.

For more specific information about Jan and Dave’s speaking availability or fees, please contact Connie Hemmer at 719.322.5516 or

January 25 – Dave will be speaking at Concordia University for the Baseball Banquet. Austin, TX

February 6th – Dave will be speaking for The Let It Be Foundation. Chino, CA

February 15th – Dave will be speaking for North American Skull Base Society – Annual Conference. San Diego, CA

February 28 – March 2nd — Dave will be speaking for the Men’s Retreat for The Journey Church. San Jose, CA

Speaking Topics

• Inspiration
• Motivation
• Overcoming Adversity
• Family Relationships

Dave can speak specifically about:

• Authentic Living
• Baseball (Athletics)
• Men’s Issues
• Surviving Cancer

Jan can speak specifically about:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Suffering
• Women’s Issues
• Caregiver Issues

Speaking Venues

• Health Care Facilities
• Fundraisers
• Cancer Survivor Events
• Churches/ Retreats
• Universities

Dave can speak specifically at:

• Corporations
• Sporting Events
• Men’s Groups

Jan can speak specifically at:

• Women’s Retreats
• Women’s Conferences



Dave Dravecky didn’t just show up to our event in Dexter, Missouri. He became a part of our event by inspiring, motivating, and affecting individual spirits with a raw perspective on battling and beating cancer.”

“Dave Dravecky is a winner. His story on the baseball field is amazing. His story off the baseball field is epic. Our society uses the term hero much too loosely. Dave is a hero in every sense of the word.”
Scott Kruse founder of “18 fore Life Foundation”

We are all blessed and are continuing to hear comments from the women in our church about how the Lord ministered to them through Jan’s teachings. One woman wrote that she had stuffed her pain “way down deep inside and would not or could not deal with it….I was grieving many losses in my life but did not realize that until Jan started to share. I felt the Holy Spirit ministering to me and helping me come to terms with my pain. Thanks again for a wonderful day.” ~ Calvary Chapel

Jan’s message touched the ladies at a time when they needed God’s healing. Isn’t it amazing that even though we plan conventions almost two years in advance, God’s guidance and grace is so evident in the messages that are spoken and received. Thank you again for being a part of this year’s convention! ~ GEMS Girls Club