Support Groups help fill important relational needs that can be difficult to meet under the pressure of challenging circumstances. When people who are suffering come together to talk about their lives and experiences, they benefit one another—sometimes giving, sometimes receiving —sharing their pitfalls as well as triumphs, the heartbreaks as well as the glimpses of hope.

If you are seeking to start a Support Group —or if you are already leading one—please register with us to receive Endurance Resources. Registering with Endurance will enable your group’s contact information to be shared with other groups or group-seekers in your area.

Provision for Support Groups
Endurance provides prayer, publications, electronic media resources, and ongoing support for those who offer encouragement to suffering people through a Support Group. One of the most popular resources we hope you will use to aid in your Support Group’s discussion is The Encourager Magazine Archive– with 40 issues dealing with relevant topics: from anger, fear and depression to discovering peace and heaven.

Please consider making a special gift to support the ministry of Endurance to those who are suffering through depression, illness or loss.

Contact us to find information about a Support Group in your area.

Endurance resources are available in English and may be purchased for personal, educational or religious use; all proceeds benefit Endurance. We currently ship materials to addresses within the U.S. and Canada.