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Encouragement and Hope for Grief and Loss

We’re glad you’ve discovered Endurance. We hope our site provides assurance that you are not alone. We know what you are going through is a unique situation, but we can also relate. We’ve been there— and now we want to help provide safe place of comfort, encouragement and hope for you.

Coping with Grief and Loss

Grieving can be a long process and it takes on many different forms.

Dealing with the Death of a Loved One

Dealing with the death of a loved one takes time. Many will have to go through the grieving process in order to find peace.

How to Heal from Grief and Loss

Healing takes time. When hard situations invade our lives, we need to learn how to face and grieve our losses.

Relevant Articles

If you or someone you love is battling grief and loss, we hope these articles will provide words of encouragement and endurance for the journey.

Endurance for the Journey

August 22, 2018

LONGING FOR HEAVEN “But now that he is dead, why should I fast? I will go to him, but he will not return to me.” 2 SAMUEL 12:23 (NIV) King David’s wor...

Endurance for the Journey

Expressing Grief

June 27, 2018

Then Joshua tore his clothes and fell facedown to the ground before the ark of the Lord, remaining there till evening. JOSHUA 7:6 (NIV) When Joshua wa...


Prayer is Work

July 6, 2017

Then he prayed, “Oh Lord, God of my master Abraham, Give me success today, and show kindness to my master Abraham. GENESIS 24:12 (NIV) We tend to thin...

Endurance Resources

These resources share some of the best answers and sources of inspiration we’ve found that have touched our hearts and comforted thousands. Endurance resources are available in English and may be purchased for personal, educational or religious use; all proceeds benefit Endurance. We currently ship materials to addresses within the U.S. and Canada.


People who are battling a serious illness or loss are especially prone to depression. Caregivers and family members are also at risk. The chemicals that keep our brain functioning can become depleted during times of stress. Depression is the result of a chemical depletion and is a legitimate medical problem- not a spiritual problem.


Anger – normally seen as a negative emotion – is not an uncommon companion on the journey through the valley of suffering .


The waves of fear faced by those who battle cancer can be overwhelming, sometimes even debilitating. But life goes on despite our fears. So when we feel fear’s clammy grip, what can we do?


No one wants to suffer – no one enjoys suffering – it is even worse when we are taken by surprise – blindsided by the painful trial – there is no perfect time to fit suffering into your schedule.


If you feel lost in the darkness of a strange and unknown place – be assured there is a hope that will not lead you to disappointment!



For many of us, Peace is a bit of a mystery. We want peace, especially when adversity turns our life upside down. As we unravel the mystery of peace, we may discover that its more attainable than we think.

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Please know that you are not alone. Jan, Dave and the staff of Endurance pray regularly for the visitors of this site to experience God’s grace and strength. If you have a specific prayer request, we are here for you.

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Dave Dravecky’s Story

“But our journey of suffering was not hopeless. Through it we discovered the power of endurance—not in our own ability, but in the comfort, encouragement and hope that God provides.”

Meet Jan & Dave Dravecky

Facing cancer, amputation, and depression, Dave and his wife Jan eventually found hope.

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