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Comfort for the Cornered

Save me, O God,
for the waters have come up to my neck.
I sink in the miry depths,
where there is no foothold.
I have come into deep waters;
The floods engulf me.
I am worn out calling for help;
my throat is parched.
My eyes fail,
looking for my God.
PSALM 69:1-3 (Of David) (NLT)

The waters have risen to your neck, you’re sinking fast, and your throat is cracked and dry from yelling for help. You scan the horizon for any faint hope of rescue – and your eyes come up empty.

Are you among the cornered, the desperate? If you are, you’re in good company. Many of God’s children have felt the same noose around their necks – and yet they made it through to sing of their salvation.

One comfort for the cornered is the knowledge that they are not the first (nor will they be the last) to endure such desperate hours.

God often waits until the last moment, the final second, to accomplish our rescue.Then it becomes plain that our predicament turns out to be both a test (Will we trust him?) and an opportunity (How can we gain strength from this?). It helps to know that others like King David, the psalmist, have been there before us.

The Lord hears his people
when they call to him for help.
He rescues them from all their troubles.
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted;
He rescues those whose spirits are crushed.
The righteous person faces many troubles,
but the Lord comes to the rescue each time.
PSALM 34:17-19 (Of David) (NLT)

On the journey with you,
Jan & Dave Dravecky