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If You Seek Him

“… for the Lord searches every heart
and understands every motive behind the thoughts.
If you seek him,
He will be found by you;”

On the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is found one of Michelangelo’s most famous paintings. God is shown reaching down from heaven, hand extended, to touch the outstretched hand of man. The natural human response to pain and suffering is to do just the opposite; to recoil and retreat in fear and anger. When we suffer the very thing we need most – the love and intimacy of God – can seem farthest from us.

Our goal as encouragers must be to gently and lovingly pick up the weary arm and lift it heavenward, connecting or reconnecting it with its source of joy, peace and eternal life.

I will steady him with my hand;
With my powerful arm I will make him strong.
PSALM 89:21 (NLT)

On the journey with you,
Jan & Dave Dravecky