Depression, Prayer, The Search for Answers, Words of Endurance


God, God . . . my God!
Why did you dump me
miles from nowhere?
Doubled up with pain, I call to God
all the day long. No answer. Nothing.
I keep at it all night, tossing and turning.

For many of us, as well as with King David, the pain and suffering of life draws the nagging question Why? out into the open.

Few of us ask the question Why? when life is going well. But when life doesn’t go the way we think it should – when a tragedy befalls us or our loved ones – when we can’t make sense out of what is happening – we cry out to God – Why???

That was how it was for Dave and I. Our life was going great – almost like a fairy tale. We were young and healthy – we were growing in our faith – we were happily married – we had two beautiful children – Dave’s baseball career was successful.

And then from what seemed out of nowhere …

Wham!!! Dave is diagnosed with cancer that resulted in the loss of his physical health and baseball career.

Wham!!! I experience a debilitating depression in the midst of Dave’s cancer battle – the loss of emotional health – unable to fulfill my duty as a wife, mother and caregiver.

We felt blind-sided and I asked God Why???

Have you ever felt blind-sided on your journey? Are you asking God Why? Then join me on a journey into God’s Word in search for the answer to the question … Why???

I found truths in the pages of the Bible that brought peace to my questioning mind and set me free. Over the next several weeks – together – I will be sharing those truths with you.

I leave you with the following Scripture – a prayer of the ever-questioning King David. Please make it your prayer too!

Show me how you work, God;
School me in your ways.
Take me by the hand;
Lead me down the path of truth.
You are my Savior, aren’t you?

On the journey with you,
Jan Dravecky