Dave's Update

We met Lyndsey when she was 16 years old at the Emanuel Cancer Center. Lyndsey was being treated for ovarian cancer and was part of a support group for young adults with cancer. Her beautiful face exuded a sweet, joyful and a never give up attitude. Her smile was contagious for all.

Two seasons ago, through the generous donation of a single donor to Endurance, Lyndsey, her family and several other cancer patients from Emanuel enjoyed a San Francisco Giant game in a Luxury Suite at AT&T Park hosted by Endurance. It was Lyndsey’s first Major League game and to see the excitement, thrill and smile that it brought to Lyndsey’s face put a smile on all of our hearts and faces. Her smile, once again, was contagious.

Lyndsey’s journey, since then, has been one of more surgeries, many more different clinical trials, and endless trips to emergency. Currently she is under palliative care – not much for most to smile about – but Lyndsey’s face is still smiling and still contagious.

The reason why? Several weeks ago we had Lyndsey and her family over for dinner and we had the privilege of sharing with her the hope of eternal life found only through Jesus Christ. Her face beamed as we shared with her the Scriptures about the love of God, eternal life and heaven. Her smile and joy were contagious for her family as well.

Last week – as you can see in the picture below – Lyndsey – with her captivating smile – was baptized in our back yard along with her father, mother and sister! She didn’t want to go to heaven alone and we assured her that she will not! Her family and all of us will be there too!

Your faithfulness to the ministry of Endurance has made this – and much more – possible. We pray that, as God leads, you will continue to support financially and prayerfully the ministry of Endurance. As we have said many times before – we cannot do this without you!

“We saw it, we heard it, and now we’re telling you
so that you can experience it along with us,
this experience of communion
with the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ.
Our motive for writing is simply this:
We want you to enjoy this, too.
Your joy will double our joy!

On the Journey Together,
Jan and Dave Dravecky