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For Christians, Cancer can make you feel like you got punched in the face by God. Now, that may sound blunt, and depending on where your relationship with God stands today, you may or may not feel that way right now. Either way, for most Christians battling Cancer there is a chaotic vortex of emotions that needs resolving. There is pain that is desperately in need of healing. There are some serious questions that need answering. What am I supposed to do now? How do I cope? What’s the truth? What does the Bible say? What am I supposed to believe? Ultimately, what is the secret to winning after getting a Cancer diagnosis?  We know these questions because we have been there. We got through it – and you can too. We are here to support you!

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Support for Christians


How should Christians respond if they get Cancer?

First, please realize that you are not alone. The way we were able to navigate this painful chapter in our lives was because we got help. We didn’t know we needed help but we got the help we needed. People came along side us and supported us. People prayed for us.   People equipped us with knowledge, wisdom, and guidance. Now, our mission is to equip you with provision through your journey of suffering. The content on this website is here to offer resources of hope to people in pain. We will help you seek answers to these questions, and will hope to fill you with hope as you learn how to resolve your emotional pain.  

The Secret Weapon.

  As Christians, a Cancer diagnosis – whether for ourselves – or for someone we love – is difficult to accept.   There is a temptation to feel as though Christians are somehow entitled to exemption from sickness, disease, or hardship. Without knowing the truth, and surrounding yourself with healthy support, the default reaction you may experience is fear.   Our secret weapon in the battle against fear is nothing less than God’s love. The apostle John knew and experienced God’s love in such an intimate way that he could say, “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear” (John 4:18). He knew, deep in his soul, that God loved him-regardless of how he felt at any given moment and regardless of his circumstances.  

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Where is God in Cancer?

Sometimes in the midst of a storm we find ourselves so blindsided and consumed with fear, that we can’t see God, and we wonder if He has left us. Where is God in Cancer? Where is He when we are suffering?

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Surviving Cancer

We’ve all seen it—the attitude that turns an athlete into a champion, that turns an ordinary soldier into a hero, that turns an entertainer into a star, that turns a failure into an honorable legacy. Those of us who are close to cancer and its survivors see it every day as well. We see the attitudes that turn wounded sufferers into survivors.

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