Am I Depressed?
You are dealing with a lot right now. It is not inconceivable that, along with everything else you are experiencing, somehow, you became depressed without even knowing it. People who are battling a serious illness or loss are especially prone to depression. Caregivers and family members are also at risk. The chemicals that keep our brain functioning can become depleted during times of stress. Depression is the result of a chemical depletion and is a legitimate medical problem- not necessarily a spiritual problem. Many depressed people suffer needlessly because they don’t know that they are depressed and that depression is almost always treatable.

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An Unwanted but Common Companion

“Where then is my hope? Who can see any hope for me?”JOB 17:15

Whenever we go through a season of suffering, unfortunately, depression can be an unwanted but common companion on the journey.  Job had experienced many afflictions and losses – loss of health, wealth and family – rendering him, as would be expected, depressed and hopeless as expressed in his words above.

Anyone experiencing a season of suffering or loss has a good chance of experiencing some depression on his or her journey.  It is a known fact that 98% of all cancer patients experience some level of depression – from mild to severe.  A cancer patient’s journey can be one of loss – loss of health, lifestyle and/or finances – all create stress and take their toll on us emotionally and then it impacts us physically.

After Dave and I went through our season of suffering we both experienced severe clinical depression.

The depression robbed us of our physical strength and our Spiritual hope.  Because we were experiencing depression we felt like failures and we were ashamed that we were not able to handle our life circumstances.  Thus we felt immense guilt and the guilt only deepened our depression.


We were comforted when we learned that depression was a common companion on the journey of suffering.   The Scriptures gives many examples of Godly men who experienced depression – Job, the prophet Elijah and King David.   We were encouraged when we learned that many great Saints of the past – Charles Spurgeon, John Bunyan and even Oswald Chambers among them -experienced bouts of depression and yet God continued to use them mightily in the midst and in spite of their depression. We felt hopeful when others came alongside us and let us know that they, too, had experienced depression and they had made it to the other side of the valley.  We learned we were not alone and neither are you.   AND REMEMBER … “… weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” PSALM 30:5

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Chronic Pain and Depression

Many physical, emotional, and spiritual factors can trigger depression. Some of the most common triggers include chemical imbalances (thyroid, hormone), stress, a significant loss (loved one, job, income, etc.), a change in health status (injury, illness, disability, etc.) and emotional or spiritual conflicts.

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How We Overcame Depression

When Dave and I first began to experience the injuries and illness that eventually led to the amputation of his left arm, I thought God would miraculously deliver us. I expected us to emerge in a few months as victorious examples of what God could do for those who followed Him. I never imagined our journey through that dark valley of suffering would last for years

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