How to Heal from Grief and Loss

Healing takes time. When hard situations invade our lives, we need to learn how to face and grieve our losses. This is not a skill we are born with. And well meaning people will often give you bad advice that leads to shame and guilt. The Healer of Souls is waiting to bring you freedom from the pain of grief and loss.

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Healing takes time.

When hard situations invade our lives, we need to learn how to face and grieve our losses. This could be the loss of financial security, the loss of leisure time, the loss of dignity, the loss of career, the loss of relationships—the list could go on and on. Loss is an inevitable part of life in hard situations, and the grieving process—as difficult and painful as it is—is the means by which we can grow into a place of acceptance and healing. Many people have to go through the grieving process first in order to heal and others need people to come alongside them to help.  

 Healing is a Process
Because everyone grieves in different ways, they also heal in different ways. None of us can define the grieving process for another person. We can’t prescribe a time line for grief. We can’t say how long it should take to mourn. We can’t set standards for how another person expresses grief. We can’t say that someone isn’t grieving “properly.” But we can come alongside those who grieve and say, “I can’t imagine the depth of your pain, but I want to help and hope that I can be what you need me to be as you go through it.”

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Coping with Grief and Loss

Grieving can be a long process and it takes on many different forms. Everyone grieves differently, whether it be through tears, pain, or anger. For Dave, grieving involved learning to talk about the pain he was experiencing. The more detailed he was in expressing his pain and suffering in relationship to his losses, the easier it was for him to cope. Although grieving helped him deal with his losses, it still didn’t take away the pain. But grieving did take him to a different place. It eventually brought him to a place of healing, to a place where joy became a part of his life again.

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Dealing with the death of a loved one

Dealing with the death of a loved one takes time. Many will have to go through the grieving process in order to find peace. The Bible reminds us that “death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart.” - Ecclesiastes 7:2. Death is the transition of life on earth to life in heaven. We can be thankful that death isn’t the end.

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